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Related post: Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 12:39:05 -0800 (PST) From: tishott Subject: Recording Studio - Chapter 3The following story involves two celebrity men have sex together. I do not know either of the two stars, Zac Efron and Justin Timblerake, nor do I possess any knowledge in regards to their sexuality. pretty preteen bbs The following story is completely fictional and comes from preteen incest rompl pure putas preteens imagination. To my knowledge, this never happened, and will probably never happen.With that being said, only proceed if you are of legal age to read graphic material, containing sexual acts, and your state laws allow it. If you can not separate fact from fiction, I encourage you to leave this page because it is all fiction.I hope you enjoyed the first two enough to continue to read the third, and hopefully not last, installment to this series.//// Recording Studio -- Chapter ThreeAs Zac rushed home from the studio, he didn't even realize when he almost struck another car. preteen cameltoe vids He was so miniskirt preteen models into his candid pic preteen thoughts that art preteen photomodels he ran a stop sign, a red light, and almost didn't stop in time and hit another car parking. He was in a daze from the even that had just happen seconds before.He didn't even get out of his car at first. He sat there, still, racking his brain for forbidden asian preteen any sort of indication of what just happened.. but really more importantly, what just happened meant.Was Justin gay? Did he get caught in the moment? Why did he enjoy it so much? Was he, himself, gay?He was with Vanessa. He like sleeping with her, liked the way her face scrunched up when he first pushed into her, the way the moan would easily and carelessly escape from those lips. Those lips that were so smooth, so smooth. The way those eyes would look at him when she would slip his cock into her mouth, the way she made it all so pleasing for him...But then the vision of Justin first humping the air and feeling his body with his hands the first time he saw him jumped in his head. preteen holly model He suddenly wanted to feel how it all felt, how it would feel for Justin to take his body and do what he wanted with him. For his lips to slide over his body, for those lips to slip over his dick's head, for them to make him cum in his mouth, for them to tell him how tight his ass was when he pushed into him, for them preteens give blowjobs to let out the groan as he would empty his load in his ass. How he wanted to see those lips do them.. How could he be thinking these things, he thought. He isn't gay, preteen nude 16 he really wasn't. It was Justin. Justin was so preteen hairy pubis enchanting, so magical in the way he preteen pedophilia jpg moved, the way he made you feel. The way he made you so horny, so turned on, so unbelievably hot. He wasn't his fault, he thought, it just couldn't be. He just needed to feel it. Needed to experience it.Everyone experiments, he knew that. But, he just never thought he would want to.****He tried to sleep that night, but he ended up waking up early and decided to go for a run. He figured that it would help him clear his mind, preteen archives photo but model porn preteen it only made him thought of Justin more and more, and it made him almost excited for what would happen that day. Excited at the thought of Justin showing him how he tween preteen modeling could pleasure someone, how he could slip his cock into someone's ass and make it feel as if it was meant to be there. It all turned him on so much, but scared him all the smallest preteenz same. He didn't know what to do preteen virgin pictures or even what to expect today.****As he entered the studio, the sound that greeted him excited him more than anything. It was Justin, Timberland, and Fiddy Cent's Ayo Technology."why don't you just sit down on me?" sexy preteens underwear came the sound of Justin's sound, and the images of his naked body sitting on Justin's toned body made his crotch stir as his entered the room."Hey, ready to start?""Yeah, totally dude. Just listening to the new song. You like it?""You know it, man. One of the best I heard in a while.""Thanks, it nudes artistic preteens makes the clubs go crazy when it comes on.""Yeah, I bet. Hopefully mine will do the same thing, huh?""With my help, you know it will, dude. Just have faith."Zac had the faith, and he wanted to show Justin he had it, so he got into behind the microphone and belted the tone out. The song was upbeat, it was  raw', it was everything that Justin's hits were. It took him twice to complete the track to perfection. Everything he was doing came from nothing and made everything. Both Justin and him felt like it was perfect, and left it alone. Zac left the room, and they two listened to the track, both agreeing that it was perfect.It had taken both of them an hour to complete it, and they had the studio the whole day. Not knowing what would happen next, Zac stood behind Justin, watching as he touched and turned the buttons on the board in front of him. He wasn't exactly sure what Justin was doing, but whatever it was he knew preteen jailbait gallery Justin knew what he was doing because whatever he was doing was making the song better and better with each time he touched something. Justin finally turned around on the chair and looked at him, beaming."That's a rap, Zac. Perfect job, dude. This is the next big hit for the music world.""Ah, man, this is so sick. You have no idea how grateful I am to you for doing for me.""No, problem. Seriously, you will be the next me.""That means so much coming from you, dude. Hopefully this song will be as big of a preteen porno cum hit as yours with fifty.""If all things go nn preteen babes according preteen boys images to plan, it will do better! Just remember who gave you your start, got it?"Zac could only smirk naturist sites preteens at the comment, knowing that with Justin's help he was well on his way to not only conquering the Movie world, but also the music industry, something he wanted for a really long time.The two men stood there, listening to the song finish up. Zac noticed Justin had increased the tempo, making the song even hotter to listen to. They were both focused on the sound, both proud of their work, and listened to child bbs preteen it twice. Zac was mouthing the words along with the white preteens modeling song, and Justin kept adjusting the tempo making sure it wasn't too fast, nor too slow until they nude preteen images were so proud and happy with it they started to get into the music and move their heads.When the song stopped, though, Justin's Ayo Technology came on and he span around in his chair and was singing to Zac. Now, Zac loved the song. He loved the rawness 50 brought to it, and the different feel Justin had in it. He could only dream preteens photos xxx of having a song with 50, or any other graceful preteens pictures famous rapper like him one day.The song finally got to Justin's part, and he did something that surprised Zac the most so far, he grabbed his hips and pulled Zac onto his lap, like he said in his song. He wasn't just on his knees either, he as fully on his lap. He could feel the bulge of Justin's, appeared and feeling to be, big cock under his ass and he knew where the night was going and he couldn't bring himself to stop. He wasn't gay, but Justin made it feel all so right and he didn't want to stop now. He didn't want to give up on his one chance to be a great artist, and if preteen pussy doll it meant letting Justin do this, he would let Justin take him. After all, Justin had to be good at whatever he was doing, right?He could feel Justin's breath 15yo nude preteen on his ear as Justin whispered blog preteens naked to him, "I'm so tired of using technology baby, just sit right on top of me and relax. I'll do the rest."It wasn't apart of the song, Zac knew, but it didn't matter, he was lost in how good everything seemed to be feeling. The way Justin talked to him, the way he smelled, the way his hands were still on his hips made Zac feel so alive. Made Zac feel larisa preteen models so sexy, so horny and no where did he feel wrong. He felt as though Justin was the right person this could happen with, so he would let Justin do whatever he wanted.He felt his hips being lifted again, and Justin walking them over to the black leather couch the room had it in, and Zac couldn't help but wonder who else Justin had done this to.It didn't have much time to think though, because before he knew it, russian boy preteens Justin had them both sitting on the couch, Zac straddling Justin's lap, looking at each other. Justin's hands moved from Zac's hips to sexy preteens xxx his bubble butt ass and squeezed just right. It wasn't soft, it wasn't hard, it just felt right. It felt so sexy, and Zac wanted more. How he wanted more, he wanted to feel lovely preteen nymphets it all, and he wanted it all now. Something clicked inside of him, and he wanted it all now.Before he knew what he was doing, he was leaning into Justin and had kissed him on the lips. Justin had preteen boylove kissed back, forcing his tongue into Zac's mouth and played with Zac's tongue.The kiss was so good, Justin had such a way with it all. Zac was in heaven as it all happened, the way Justin made his body feel, the way Justin kissed him, everything made Zac turn nasty preteens videos into a crazy horny, sex wanting man.Justin's hands had found the bottom of Zac's shirt illegal underground preteens and he felt the tugging of it so he lifted his arms up so preteen young candid Justin could take it off. Justin lifted his off, too, and Zac couldn't help innocent preteens preteen leotard pics but stare at Justin's perfect chest. His arms were so muscular, his pecs were not too big, not too small, he was just so intoxicating it was unbelievable.Justin was getting extremely anxious for this all to happen, Zac could tell, because they were already back party preteen model to kissing, this time with much more passion and lust. Justin's tongue was all over the preteens picks place, his kissing getting better and better, Justin's arms were roaming his back, he felt like he was in heaven. Everything Justin did felt so right, so perfect, if he ever thought he wanted this before, now he knew he needed this.Justin's mouth now began to move from his mouth, on his neck, on his chest. Justin was getting lower and lower, it felt so good to have his warm mouth kissing his extremely hot preteens body. He arched his back as Justin went down until he got to the beginning of his happy trail, and stopped little preteen dancing to unbuckle the belt Zac had on. sexy preteens biz Ripping it off like a mad man, Justin ripped Zac's jeans off leaving him in just his white fruit of the looms boxer briefs. Justin's hand grabbed his ass, pulling own his underwear, leaving him naked with his cock starting to grow. He never would have preteen chat sites models preteens sex thought another man could get him hard, but Justin could jp pic preteen do anything to him and he wouldn't be surprised. It just felt so good, Zac thought, he couldn't explain it, but Justin just did something that pedo child preteen made him so unbelievably good.Justin continued to go lower, until he was at Zac's cock. Zac was now on his back, with Justin between his legs. nakes preteen Zac wondered if Justin would actually do it, if he would actually take his cock into his mouth.His question was answered when Justin's hand took his now 7.5 cut inch cock into his hands and made Zac moan. It felt amazing, and Zac almost thought he was going to cum as soon as Justin took his head into his mouth. It was like nothing he ever felt before. Justin's tongue preteens modeling lingerie was everywhere on the head of his cock. His back was arched ever further, his body filled with goose bumps, and his hand finding the back of Justin's head, pushing it down, telling him he wanted more. And Justin did take more, slowly, letting his tongue devour the cock as he did, sucking and twirling his tongue, until he nose was hitting Zac's chest and the entire cock was in his mouth. Zac was moaning even louder now, legal preteen brides it felt so good, felt so right. It was the best blowjob he ever had, and it was with a guy!Justin began to bob up and down on the cock, now, too. Zac's hand was guiding him, causing him to quicken milf preteen models the pace, or to go slower. Zac's eyes rolled into the back of his head, Justin made this all feel so good. His cock was on fire. Justin was so good at making Zac feel good. He never wanted it to stop. He never wanted Justin to stop making him feel this good. Ever.Just as he was getting closer than he was before, Justin stopped and Zac could feel him lifting nude japaness preteens his legs up, his preteen sex tpg ass leaving the couch. Justin looked up as he did this, smirking to Zac. Justin fingers found Zac's ass crack and spread his cheeks apart so he could lick the length of it.Zac was proud of his ass. Girls would often compliment on it, and it always made him feel good about himself. He just never thought preteen nudists naked it would be used for this sort of thing. He never would imagine he would have a guy licking his ass, and if it wasn't latina preteen pictures Justin doing it, he would be beating up the guy for even touching him there. But Justin was so good at everything he did that he didn't care.He could feel Justin's tongue on his asshole and he let out a moan. He didn't know why this felt so good, but it made him want something to go in his ass. He wanted Justin to fuck him. He could feel the tongue pushing it's way inside him, and his mouth gaped open. Why was this feeling so good?His blog bbs preteen cock twitched as Justin changed the tongue with a finger. He felt empty with just one, and when the second one was added he wanted more. He wanted Justin to fill him up with his cock. He wanted Justin preteen sluts naked to show him how the King of Pop could fuck him.Justin had stood gina model preteen up, lifting Zac's body with him. His legs grabbed on to his body. Justin's chest was already glistening with sweat, and the way the lights hit him made Zac even hornier and want Justin even more. His body was pulsing with lust, his mind couldn't get Justin out of it, preteens in shorts he didn't understand what was coming preteen pussy sucking over him. He was under some spell that made him so hot, so unlike himself.Justin sat down on the chair, placing Zac on his lap. The two shared a kiss again, as Justin brought Zac's hands to his zipper. He couldn't believe he was actually going to do this, his hands were never this close to another's man cock. He didn't know why he was going to, let alone want to, but he needed to unzip his wants. He needed tiny preteen model to unleash Justin's cock. preteen gallery girls He needed Justin to fuck him. He needed Justin. He wanted Justin.Justin's hands want back to Zac's ass, squeezing it as Zac unzipped Justin's pants. He was surprised to see that he didn't have any underwear on, and felt the 8 inch or bigger cock spring out pink preteen pussy into his hand. He felt Justin smirk as underage preteens tpg they shared another kiss as illegal preteens videos Zac jerked it off. It felt so weird having another man's preteens models ilegal cock in his hand, but Justin's was so soft. It felt so right having it in his hand, knowing that he was making Justin feel good. Knowing preteen charming nude that Justin was enjoying the things he could do to him. He felt Justin slide his pants off, allowing their naked bodies to rub together. Their sweat they were creating allowed them to slip and slide against each other. He loved the way his skin felt on him. He loved the way Justin was playing with his ass, knowing how much of an ass lover he was from his songs, knowing that his hand on his cock was making him hornier preteen pictures russian by the minute.Justin broke off the kiss, smirking at Zac as he lifted Zac into the air and placing legal preteen schoolgirl his cock at the entrance to his cock. Zac smirked back at Justin, knowing he wanted this more than ever now and wanted to feel Justin in him. He wanted to make Justin feel good, wanted to see the look on Justin's face as he fucked Zac. Wanted to hear Justin say how good his tight ass felt around his cock. He wanted to scream Justin's name out. He wanted it all so much.A groan escaped Zac's lip as he felt the cock enter his ass. He felt the pain accompany it, as well. Justin's wide cock was splitting his ass in two as he continued to push in, pausing every couple of millimeters to allow him to adjust to the pain. Zac felt the pain more than ever despite Justin taking it slow, but he still felt pleasure in him. The look as Justin's face 12yo preteen as he was concentrated on pushing into Zac's virgin ass hole was so hot and sexy. The way he would smirk every couple of seconds, the way his nose would scrunch up preteen naturism pictures when he had to push all made the pain worth it. He wanted to be able to ride the cock, he wanted to be able to have Justin fuck him preteens porn child so hard. preteen stockings He wanted to feel the pleasure as Justin hit his prostate.He felt the ball hit his skin letting him know all find preteen nude of Justin was in him. The pain was the most now, and it just started to go away when Justin lifted his preteen 16 fuck hips up and back down again, letting the pain soar through his body. He winced, and Justin stopped to look at him, but he kept going away. Justin's strong arms romanin preteen girls easily lifted Zac up again and down again, making his cock go in and out of Zac, making the pain come and go each time, until he had down it around ten times and Zac was beginning to feel the pleasure. Every time Justin dropped him back down he felt the tip of his cock brush against something in him that sent pleasure throughout his body. It felt amazing having Justin fuck him. He could feel every ridge on Justin's cock brush against his asshole. His groans turned to moans as he started to help Justin lift preteen team tgp and drop him, pushing himself down farther so Justin's cock could go farther into his ass. He started to rotate his hips, squeeze his muscles together around Justin's cock, and go faster. He caught the top of Justin's lip with his teeth and he roughly kissed him. Justin's arms were lifting him up and down onto his cock, his own arms found his bulging muscles. It was getting so intense; the lustful feelings in him were building more and more rapidly. He felt so alive, so blissful, so much pleasure.He was doing must of the work know, Justin was just lifting him up and down, moaning every time Zac squeeze his ass around his cock. That was another thing that made Zac want Justin even more, Justin's moans were so sexy. They weren't too low, too high. They were perfect.He really want to feel, though, how it was chinese naked preteens like having Justin thrusting into him. He wanted to know how it felt to have the King of Sexy showing him how you fuck someone. He kissed Justin one last time, and got on all fours on the ground in front of the chair he was just on. He stuck his ass in the air, showing it to pink preteens Justin, letting pre teen gallerys him now to come fuck him there.He didn't need to look back at Justin because before he needed to Justin's tongue had found the ridge on his back and was licking it all the way to where his ass was, sending shivers and goose bumps throughout his body. Without any nonnudes preteens russians anticipation this time, Justin pushed into to Zac so smoothly that Zac didn't feel any pain at all. Justin's hands were still at his hips, guiding Zac's body to meet Justin's own thrusts.Zac was moaning even louder than before, tokyo preteens models Justin sure did know how to fuck. He pulled out all the way, and right back in like there was nothing to do. There was no pausing before doing it, he kept the same pre teen braves speed the entire time, and each time he pushed in, he would hit Zac's prostate. It felt so good, top preteen galleries too, Zac thought. He found himself actually pushing his ass farther back so Justin could push farther into him to make it feel even better. He found himself saying Justin's name, saying how unbelievable this feels, saying how he wants more of his preteen free images cock in him. Justin was smirking behind him, his whole livedoor pink preteens body pushing into Zac's so he could feel even more of Zac's preteen thumbnail model tight ass against he rock hard cock.The sound of Justin's balls hitting Zac's body disappeared, Justin's balls were tightening and movies preteens porn Zac knew Justin was getting closer to unleashing his cum. legal preteens movies Zac didn't want it to stop, he wantedJustin to keep making naturist preteens photos him feel this way forever. Zac started to squeeze more; push himself into Justin more, making Justin go faster. He was on such a high from it all, he felt so right during all of this. Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum. This is the tightest ass I've ever fucked.' Justin said, picking up the pace. Bother of their bodies were moving against Justin's powerful thrusts. Justin pushed in preteens naked online one last time, moaned, and the huge load was emptied into Zac's ass.Justin had stopped humping, and let his now softening cock stay in Zac's ass as he kissed Zac's neck, feeling his body over. He never experienced such a hot fuck before. Zac preteen amateur movie had such an amazing ass.To be continued...//// That preteen russian naturist is the end of chapter three. I am so sorry for the wait, but as you can see, it is a 7 page story that took a long time to write, on top of the million other things I have had to do. The two finally fucked, and I hope it met all of your expectations. For the next chapter, I would LOVE to hear what you want to happen, whether it be more of preteens black pussy just Justin and Zac, or include other characters. I did have an idea preteen nudists porn about including Christopher Meloni, but if you have better ideas I would love to hear them. Contact information is available in the following paragraph.Once again, thanks for reading and I hoped you like it!Any comments or concerns, or anything of the kind, can be e-mailed to Please, do not send any requests of pictures or anything like that. I am only interested in hearing your feedback. Thank You.
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